Arrival of superfast broadband and 5G brings new openings for SMEs

Cities up and down the UK are gearing up for a connectivity revolution. The rapid advance of fibre networks, superfast broadband and the coming arrival of 5G is leading us towards ever increasing efficiency and connectivity. The private sector will play a key role in getting Britain's cities ready for this paradigm shift in UK digital infrastructure. 

In this Tussell analysis, produced in collaboration with GovNet ahead of June's Public Sector Solutions Expo, we take a look both at which suppliers the public sector has called upon to implement these changes. We've also looked at where future opportunities to provide this technology to the public sector may lie. Read on for a summary of our key findings, or enter your details at the bottom of the page to download the full report, containing a comprehensive rundown of the top suppliers in this sector and future opportunities. 

Key Findings:
  • Since 2015, 76 contracts worth £434m have been awarded for superfast broadband and 5G connectivity by buyers in the UK public sector. More than half of the value of these contracts was awarded in 2017 alone.

  • Although collectively three firms have won more than 90% of the value of contracts in this sector since 2015, the 5G and superfast broadband market is diversifying, with 16 different firms named on such contracts in 2018.

  • Investment has been particularly high in some regions, particular Yorkshire & the South West, while other parts of the country will likely soon be procuring this tech. 

  • 81% of 5G and superfast broadband contract notices published in 2018 were marked as 'suitable for SMEs'

5G chart2017 saw a ramp up in investment in superfast broadband and 5G technology across the public sector, with 33 contracts worth £272m awarded. Though this investment dropped off somewhat in 2018 - not entirely unexpected for large infrastructure projects - this is countered by an increased diversity in the players involved. 2018 saw 16 distinct suppliers awarded public contracts related services, compared to 12 in 2017 .

With a majority of related notices published in 2018 suitable for SMEs bidders, the latest of advance of connectivity looks set to present myriad opportunities going forward for less-established suppliers looking to gain a foothold in the public sector. Keeping up with trends in procurement in this sector and being aware of where in the country contracts have been awarded is therefore essential to placing yourself at the forefront of the connectivity revolution.

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