Another £8bn+ year in public sector healthcare contracts

Another £8bn+ year in public sector healthcare contracts

Posted by Admin on 22 January 2019

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2018 saw the public sector award healthcare contracts worth more than £8bn for the third year in a row. The sector was buoyed by three contracts each worth over £400m, spanning logistics, the provision of pharmaceuticals and care at home services. Using our proprietary database, Tussell has investigated the trends and highlights in the healthcare sector, revealing the top suppliers, biggest contracts and opportunities going into 2019. Read on for the highlights, or provide your details to get the full report emailed straight to your inbox.


Key findings:
  • A total of £8.4bn was awarded by public sector buyers in the healthcare sector in 2018, up 5% on 2017

  • The real growth came in the volume of contracts awarded. In 2018 almost 12,000 contracts were awarded - more than double 2017's total.

  • Although the top 10 public sector healthcare suppliers won £2.1bn, concentration in the sector is low and this only represented a quarter of total award value

Almost 12,000 public sector healthcare contracts worth a total of £8.4bn were awarded in 2018 - a huge jump in volume when compared to the 5,355 contracts awarded in the prior year. By far the biggest healthcare contract was a £730m award to logistics supplier Unipart for
managing the NHS supply line, delivering both medical and non-medical products across the NHS. This contract was double the value of the next biggest contract.


The top 10 suppliers to public sector healthcare buyers won just 37 awards in 2018. Nevertheless, this represented over £2.1bn in award value, driven by several large awards. Over 11,600 awards were won by suppliers outside the top 10, demonstrating the breadth of opportunities in this sector.

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