Amey tops ranking of listed companies in Q1 2018

Despite concerns about the outsourcing sector following the collapse of Carillion in January, the UK’s largest companies are continuing to win a significant number of government contracts. Tussell's latest research based on our comprehensive database of UK government contracts shows that the top 40 publicly-listed suppliers won 508 contracts worth at least £1.7B in Q1 2018.

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In Q1, the top 40 listed suppliers won...

  • 508 contracts
  • £1.7B of contract awards


Amey tops ranking of largest suppliers

Leading outsourcer Amey topped the ranking of publicly-listed suppliers in Q1 2018. The firm won £238M from a single award for prison escorting issued by the Scottish Prison Service.

Top Listed Suppliers

Ministry of Defence the biggest customer for top firms

The top listed firms win just over half of their contracts from central government. The Ministry of Defence is by far the biggest source of value to the top firms: it has awarded at least £1.3B of contracts to listed firms in the last year.

Top Buyers

£2.1B of contracts expire in the next year

At least £2.1B of contract awards currently held by the top 40 listed firms are due to expire in the next 12 months.

Contract Expiry

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