Amazon Web Services - Public Sector Profile 2019
This is the first in a series of blog posts analysing the public sector profile of each of the government's 34 'Strategic Suppliers'. First up is global tech giant, Amazon Web Services. Read on to learn about how much the firm earned from the UK public sector in 2019. Enter your details below to download the report

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the world's biggest providers of cloud infrastructure and hosting services. It is also one of the newest members of the government's 'Strategic Supplier' cohort - the firms deemed most essential to the delivery of public services - entering the list only in January 2020.

While its direct earnings from the UK government are relatively low - just over £40m in 2019 - its cloud infrastructure underpins the services provided by some of the government's biggest tech suppliers, hence its inclusion on the Strategic Suppliers profile.

These direct earnings from the UK public sector look set to improve in the near future, as AWS won £127m in public sector contracts last year. Much of this is thanks to a £100m contract awarded to the firm by the Home Office, but AWS also won contracts from the DWP, Government Digital Service and NHS Digital. It was also named on two frameworks - G-Cloud 11, and a YPO framework for data centres and cloud hosting. AWS has been named on a total of 55 public sector contracts and frameworks since 2012. 

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