3,500 companies with a propensity to buy

Welcome to our new monthly update on B2B marketing leads of companies with a propensity to buy.

In March 2018, 3,597 suppliers won government contracts. That’s 3,597 companies with a heightened need for services like financing, insurance and recruitment in order to fulfil their new contract.

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In March...
  • 3,597 suppliers won government contracts
  • 60% of suppliers were SMEs
  • 795 SMEs won their first ever government contract
Sector Breakdown

Have a sector bias? Asset finance providers might be interested in the 681 suppliers that won a contract in the Construction sector, whilst insurance and recruitment firms could target the 770 suppliers that won contracts in the Healthcare sector.

Sector Breakdown (March 2018)

Regional Breakdown

Looking for sales leads in a specific region? In March, 82% of government suppliers were based outside of London.

Regional Breakdown (March 2018)


Increase in Turnover

At least 139 suppliers won contract awards in March worth more than 10% of their last reported annual turnover. This metric is a good indicator of companies in a growth surge.

Proportion of Revenue (March 2018)

Each month Tussell B2B surfaces thousands of new qualified marketing leads, which can be filtered by 68 different financial parameters. The leads come with relevant contact information - ready to be used by your sales team or ingested into your CRM system of choice.

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