Analysing the Strategic Suppliers to Government [PDF download]

There are currently 35 companies that the UK government classifies as its ’Strategic Suppliers’.  Last year a fifth of evidenced Government procurement spend went to these suppliers.  Whilst most are household names, some will be relative unknowns to the general public. They are, however, responsible for delivering some of the most essential public services, from fixing roads; building schools and hospitals; managing IT systems and much more. 

Our report, published today, shines a spotlight on these firms to show how much they’re earning, who from - and where their competition will come from. Understanding the public sector’s relationship with these companies is essential to understanding the market as a whole and how your business might be better placed to tackle it. 

The report analyses:

  • Annual revenue change for each supplier
  • Value of new contracts
  • Biggest contract wins
  • Government Department's spend breakdown
  • Vertical sector breakdown
  • Who might challenge the Strategic Suppliers

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