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Tussell is a database of UK public tenders and contract awards going back to 2012. Log in to identify new business opportunities, to size your target market and to get intelligence on the competition


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How can Tussell help me?

Position your firm for success in the public sector

Tender alerts

Browse relevant open tenders and get an alert whenever a new opportunity is published

Get a head start

Start building buyer relationships with advance notice of expiring contracts you want to win

Explore the market

Discover how much the public sector spends on services like yours and what your market share is

Find new buyers

Identify new buyers to approach and learn more about them before you engage

Monitor the competition

See all the contracts that your competitors have won and get advance notice of when they expire

Consulting Services

Save time by outsourcing custom reporting to our expert research team

Leading publications rely on Tussell data

Key features

Search that actually works

Fed up of clunky tender searches? Tussell's simple interface and powerful search engine allows you to filter live or historical tenders and contract awards by key word, sector, size, date, location, suitability for SMEs and dozens of other factors

Easy search

Smart alerts

Worried about missing something? Set up alerts for anything relevant: tender opportunities, contract awards, buyer activity, competitor intel and even advance notice of expiring contracts so that you can anticipate upcoming tenders

Smart alerts

Download data 

Want to download your search results? Export any cut of data into Excel, for example the contract history of a buyer or a competitor. Data can also be imported into your proprietary CRM system

Data download

Buyer and supplier profiles

Want to learn more about any of the 6,000 buyers or 75,000 suppliers in our database? Every entity has a profile page with everything you need to know about their contractual history. It even has contact information on individuals  

Buyer and supplier profiles

Historical data coverage

Want to see if your target market is growing or shrinking? Analyse tenders and contract awards going back to 2012 to see trends over time by sector, region, buyer or supplier. Download our Data Coverage Overview to see the full depth and breadth of Tussell's data coverage in the UK

Data coverage

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