Make smarter, faster bid / no-bid decisions


Tussell's new Opportunity Analyser helps you decide if tenders are a good fit for your business, see which competitors you're likely to face, as well as identify future opportunities at each contracting authority.

And with Award Criteria now included directly in contract notices, deciding which tenders align to your organisation's strengths - and should be pursued further - has never been so easy.

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Opportunity Analyser

Opportunity Analyser


Get advanced bid / no-bid intelligence for every public sector tender at a glance, letting you make a more informed decision on whether to bid while learning more about the account.


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For every contract, Opportunity Analyser lets you:

Top Competitor

See your top competitor


Immediately identify which of your competitors the contracting authority has the most embedded relationship with.

Competitor Concentration

Understand market concentration


Get a comprehensive view of who the contracting authority is working with, giving you an in-depth look at the competition and potential partners.

Current Contracts

Find similar opportunities


Find additional opportunities that might suit your organisation, and get a wider understanding of the contracting authority's purchasing history.

Upcoming Opportunities

See future opportunities


See which of the buyer's contracts are due to expire soon, letting you quickly build a pipeline of opportunities, understand their upcoming challenges, and find opportunities to sell consolidated services.

Award Criteria


Tussell now displays the award criteria of tenders, letting you quickly judge whether an opportunity aligns with your organisation's strong-suits.


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Evaluate opportunities, without the hassle 


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Tussell: the all-in-one market intelligence platform


Tussell's aggregates trillions of pounds worth of public procurement data into a single place, providing you with an unparalleled vantage point to find new business, trends and insights.

  • Get new insights into your public sector market
  • Get alerted whenever relevant opportunities go live
  • Build a pipeline of upcoming opportunities
  • Dig into your competitors and target accounts
  • Access the contact details of key decision-makers