Tussell + Salesforce

Export live & upcoming public sector opportunities straight into your Salesforce CRM. Building out your sales pipeline has never been easier.

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Salesforce Integration

Tussell enables you to track and forecast sales opportunities in the public sector.

By integrating one of the market's leading CRM systems straight into Tussell, you can

fill your public sector sales pipeline, and win more business with government.

Tussell users are now able to seamlessly transfer key information from PINs, tenders and contract awards into new ‘opportunities’ in their Salesforce CRM.

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By integrating your CRM with Tussell, you can:

📊  Keep your bid team on the pulse

New tender released in your niche? Ping it over to Salesforce to alert your bid team, and give them the key information they need to get cracking.

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🚀  Build out your sales pipeline in no time

Upload your target accounts' or market's soon-to-expire contracts straight into your Salesforce, providing you with a comprehensive outlook of upcoming public sector sales opportunities. 

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Power up your public sector sales engine

Level up your sales team's public sector strategy from reactive to proactive by furnishing them with a constant stream of live & upcoming opportunities straight into their CRM.

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⏰  Save bags of time

With a link between your Tussell and Salesforce accounts, you'll be spending just a fraction of the time you'd usually spend searching & logging opportunities with open procurement data.

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