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See all live and historic solutions to the public sector's most complex problems, all in one platform.

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To solve complex problems, you need inspiration

Your contracting authority faces dozens of complicated and interrelated problems.

From improving local services to up-skilling your staff, it's hard to know where to start.

Without an understanding of how other public bodies have tackled similar challenges in the past, you risk missing out on both tried-and-tested solutions, and innovative, new approaches.

As a result, you're prone to slower delivery, higher costs and decreasing public trust.



We're your eyes & ears over public procurement

By aggregating all live and historic tender, contract, invoice & framework data into one place, Tussell is your one-stop platform to track what solutions are being procured by others, from whom, and for how much.

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See how your peers are solving complex problems

Track how similar contracting authorities are wielding public procurement to address your problems, and see which suppliers they're turning to for solutions.

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Benchmark your contracting authority's spending vs. others

Ensure you're getting best value-for-money from your suppliers by seeing what they're charging your neighbours, and see how your procurement with SMEs, VCSEs and local suppliers stacks up nationally.

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See the insights Tussell can yield

Our SME Regional Spotlight from May 2023 used Tussell to identify up-and-coming SMEs you could integrate into your supply chain.

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Be aware of what's going on in the market

Don't be left in the dark about new or innovative suppliers and solutions - Tussell provides an aerial view over the entirety of the public sector marketplace, helping you stay on top of trends and potential joint procurement opportunities. 

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Embed top-tier data into your systems

Channel Tussell's best-in-class data directly into your authority's systems with our API - empowering your teams with the insights to make data-led decisions.

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Salesforce + API - Laptop v2 [Gov]
Essex County Council

"This is like a crystal ball, having all this information in one place."

Assistant Procurement Manager Essex County Council

Lincolnshire County Council (1)

"You've just done in 10 seconds what we would've spent half a day researching”

Head of Commercial Infrastructure Lincolnshire County Council

NHS Property Services

"Tussell has been instrumental in helping NHSPS to better understand the competitive landscape, procurement trends and future opportunities within the public sector."

Analyst NHS Property Services


"Tussell continues to give me all the info I need - it's great."

Improvement Strategy Advisor Local Government Association


"As a team, we are grateful for your ongoing support and look forward to working with you this year."

Procurement Team Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities

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Tussell: make your procurement go further

Tussell's all-in-one market intelligence platform is helping Local, NHS & Central Government procurement teams to:

  • Save money and deliver value.
  • Understand their categories inside-out.
  • Anticipate risk, and identify exposure.
  • Promote SMEs and social value.
  • Benchmark their team's performance against other authorities.
  • Negotiate with suppliers from a position of strength.
  • Dig into the hot topics of the day.