Category insights you can't get anywhere else 

Get an unparalleled view over your categories' top suppliers, most-used frameworks and latest activity - providing you with data-led insights to procure with confidence. 

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Your category intelligence is incomplete

You're responsible for one - or multiple - of your contracting authority's procurement categories.

But you often feel like you don't have visibility of who the newest suppliers are, what other contracting authorities are buying, and which routes-to-market are being used.

Tracking down this information can take hours - if not days - of trawling through search engines, and you often end up relying on anecdotal information.

Without the right insight, you're missing out on opportunities to find new and innovative solutions and save your contracting authority money.


Tussell reveals all about your category

By aggregating all live and historic tender, contract and framework data into one platform, Tussell provides an unparalleled vantage point over all procurement categories, and insights you simply can't get anywhere else.

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This means with Tussell you can:

Understand your category in a few clicks

Save hours of work with a consolidated market view of your category's largest suppliers, latest activity, and most used routes-to-market.

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Identify your sector's most-used frameworks

Tussell is the only platform that's matched thousands of call-off contracts to the frameworks they were awarded under, letting you see the agreements your suppliers are on, and what work is being channeled through them.

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CCS and Cyber Essentials 2

Award directly & with confidence

Tussell is on G-Cloud 13 and is Cyber Essentials certified.

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Discover the newest & biggest suppliers in your category

See exactly how much each supplier in your category has earned from which public authorities, helping you uncover suppliers you've never encountered, and see who's leading in the market.

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Have the upper hand in supplier negotiations

Gain leverage when contracts are going wrong or it's time to negotiate renewals by understanding the market like your suppliers do.

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Integrate these insights into your systems

Channel Tussell's top-tier data into your e-procurement tools via our API, to create rich internal reports, supplier profiles - and much more.

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Salesforce + API - Laptop v2 [Gov]

See the power of Tussell's category insights

Access our free report on the public sector Management Consultancy market - produced entirely with Tussell data.

Management Consultancy CTA
Essex County Council

"This is like a crystal ball, having all this information in one place."

Assistant Procurement Manager Essex County Council

Lincolnshire County Council (1)

"You've just done in 10 seconds what we would've spent half a day researching”

Head of Commercial Infrastructure Lincolnshire County Council

NHS Property Services

"Tussell has been instrumental in helping NHSPS to better understand the competitive landscape, procurement trends and future opportunities within the public sector."

Analyst NHS Property Services


"Tussell continues to give me all the info I need - it's great."

Improvement Strategy Advisor Local Government Association


"As a team, we are grateful for your ongoing support and look forward to working with you this year."

Procurement Team Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities

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Tussell: make smarter procurement decisions

Tussell's all-in-one market intelligence platform is helping Local, NHS & Central Government procurement teams to:

  • Save money and deliver value.
  • Understand their categories inside-out.
  • Anticipate risk, and identify exposure.
  • Promote SMEs and social value.
  • Benchmark their team's performance against other authorities.
  • Negotiate with suppliers from a position of strength.
  • Dig into the hot topics of the day.