Your suppliers' real public sector footprint, revealed

Supercharge your public sector market research with the most joined-up view of supplier activity on the market.

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You can't rely on open data for supplier intelligence

With open data you get a scattered and disconnected view of a supplier’s footprint in the public sector.

Contracts and invoices are published based on individual company entities, rather than the company as a whole, making meaningful analysis incredibly difficult and time-consuming.

Without an all-in-one view of who your suppliers are working with and how much they’re earning, you’re missing out on opportunities to save money and improve supplier relationships.

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We've taken supplier intelligence to the next level

Tussell has consolidated related supplier entities into unique Supplier Groups, meaning you can see every company's entire book of business in the public sector, all in one view.

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See how Tussell reveals suppliers' public sector footprints

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Tussell Supplier Groups enables you to

Access a view of suppliers you can't see anywhere else

Tussell's proprietary Supplier Groups capability moves your supplier intelligence from restricted and fragmented, to consolidated and comprehensive.

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Access the data you need to comprehensively evaluate bidders

With a grouped view of every public sector supplier, you'll be fully informed of every bidders' public sector footprint, who they've worked with in the past, and what frameworks they're on.

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See what you're missing with open data

Download our side-by-side analysis of G4S, with and without Tussell Supplier Groups.


Understand your current suppliers inside-out

See every contracting authority a supplier is working with across the public sector, to make more informed procurement, SRM and contract management decisions.

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Identify hidden relationships - and spot over-reliance in your supply chain

Tussell Supplier Groups reveals connections between supplier entities you didn't know existed. This can help you uncover new potential suppliers, and spot whether you're more over-reliant on particular suppliers than you thought.

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Integrate Supplier Group intel straight into your systems

Enrich your e-procurement and reporting tools with Supplier Groups data via Tussell's new API.

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Central, Local and NHS procurement teams trust Tussell

Access supplier intelligence you can't get anywhere else

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Tussell: the all-in-one market intelligence platform

Tussell's all-in-one market intelligence platform is helping Local, NHS & Central Government procurement teams to:

  • Save money and deliver value
  • Understand their categories inside-out
  • Anticipate risk, and identify exposure
  • Promote SMEs and social value
  • Benchmark their team's performance against other authorities
  • Negotiate with suppliers from a position of strength
  • Dig into the hot topics of the day