UK Strategic Suppliers

2022 Report

A more up-to-date version of this report is available. Click here to download the 2023 report.

Did you know that just 40 companies - the 'Strategic Suppliers' - earned £19 billion from the public sector in 12 months? Download the latest report for detailed analysis.

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Get to know the UK's Strategic Suppliers

The Strategic Suppliers are 40 of the UK government's largest, most integral suppliers.

In this interim report, we provide the latest analysis of these public sector giants, answering:

  • Who are the two companies that joined the list?
  • Are the Strategic Suppliers gaining market share, or losing it?
  • Which public bodies are most reliant on them?
  • Which firms are most likely to challenge the Strategic Suppliers, or join them?
  • How can you turn these insights into new business opportunities?

The headline stats



in revenue earned by the group


growth compared with the prior 12 months


new Aerospace & Defence suppliers


growth achieved by three of the companies

Get the story behind the numbers


Dig below the data to understand what their performance means for the public sector marketplace, and where opportunities may lie for your business.


See who's gone up and down

We've mapped how each each Strategic Supplier's public revenue has shifted since 2018-19, showing who's picked up speed in the last few years.


The top customers

Find out which contracting authorities are spending most with the group, and which ones are most reliant on their goods & services.


The Challengers

See the would-be Strategic Suppliers: the firms who are earning just as much - and more - than the 40.


Turn the data into action

Read our three strategies on how to turn this data into action: compete, partner or avoid.

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