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Get the most out of G-Cloud

G-Cloud is an essential public sector technology framework.

It was designed as a quick and easy marketplace to connect buyers with suppliers offering innovative cloud-based solutions.

Now, it has grown to become indispensable in the provision of technology for the public sector.

Using Tussell's market-leading frameworks analytics, we're able to reveal insightful data on how the framework is being used to award work across the public sector.

Our guidebook looks at:

  • The growth of G-Cloud since 2015 - increasing from 132 contracts worth £46mn, to over 2,800 contracts worth £1.8bn in 2022
  • Which buyers are procuring the most through G-Cloud 13
  • Which suppliers are earning the most through G-Cloud 13
  • Why you should use G-Cloud
  • How you can get the most out of G-Cloud
  • ... and much more!

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