Gain new insight into companies exposed to government

Tussell helps financial firms to identify investment catalysts among companies exposed to public procurement.


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Gain new insight into companies exposed to government

Key benefits

Identify trends

Tussell gives you instant access to clean and structured data on public contracts worth £1.3 trillion since 2012 – a unique source of alternative data on a huge yet under-reported market.

Easy search

Discover catalysts

Mine our vast dataset to discover investment catalysts among more than 80,000 tier 1 suppliers to government, from aggregate trends down to individual companies screened by you.

Discover catalysts

Manage risk

Post Carillion and Interserve, manage your risk exposure to companies in the turbulent outsourcing sector by monitoring their order book and the cashflow impact from contracts expiring in the future.

Data download

Infrastructure investment

Post Brexit, investment in UK infrastructure is more vital than ever. Monitor public tenders as a leading indicator of economic activity, and use spend analysis see which suppliers are benefiting from this trend.

Infrastructure investment

Client coverage

Securing a public contract is often a trigger event for the winning company to seek capital, insurance and recruitment etc. As a supplier of these services, identify exactly which company to target – and when - using our searchable, up-to-the-minute contract data.

Smart alerts

Custom integrations

Tussell data has been cleansed, normalised and matched to third-party company identifiers. Ingest it directly into your models, data visualisation tools, trading algorithms or back-office systems.


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