Get better value from your suppliers

See your procurement history in one place, benchmark your spend to other buyers, find opportunities for joint commissioning, and monitor your compliance with best practice in transparency and inclusion

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How can Tussell help me?

Maximise the value, diversity and transparency of your supply chain

Supplier intelligence

Go into negotiations knowing as much about your suppliers as they know about you

Advance notice

Use advance notice of expiring contracts to explore opportunities for joint commissioning


Compare yourself to best practice by benchmarking your commissioning to similar buyers

Discover best value

Discover the best price for services you want to procure by browsing similar contracts

Transparency & inclusion

Monitor your compliance with best practice around transparency and inclusion in procurement

Consulting Services

Save time by outsourcing custom reporting to our expert research team

Leading publications rely on Tussell data

Key features

Search that actually works

Fed up of crude searches for relevant procurement notices? Tussell's simple interface and powerful search engine allows you to find live or historical tenders and contract awards published across the wider public sector since 2012

Easy search

Smart alerts

Want to be in the loop? Set up email alerts to be notified of new activity for any category, buyer or supplier across the wider public sector

Smart alerts

Data Download 

Want to download your search results? Export any cut of data from Tussell into Excel, for example the procurement history of a specific supplier you're negotiating with or a similar contracting authority you want to compare yourself to

Data download

Buyer and supplier profiles

Want to learn more about any of the 6,000 buyers or 75,000 suppliers in our database? Every entity has a profile page with everything you need to know about their contractual history. It even has contact information on individuals  

Buyer and supplier profiles

Historical data coverage

Want to see your own procurement history over time? Analyse tenders and contract awards going back to 2012 to see trends by sector, region, buyer or supplier. Download our Data Coverage Overview to see the full depth and breadth of Tussell's data coverage in the UK

Data Coverage Overview

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