Procurement in the UK Public Sector Cyber Security Market 2021

Download this 14-page report for insights into spending, suppliers, and future opportunities in cyber security procurement.


An analysis of procurement in this growing, specialist market

This in-depth report provides data from 2016-2020 for a closer look at the UK's public sector cyber security market.

In it, we will highlight the importance of custom services over generic alternatives, while showing a steady increase in cyber security contracts.

We'll also reveal which organisations spent the most on cyber security, and take a closer look at the numbers for valuable insights into future cyber security procurement. 

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All the data in this report comes directly from Tussell’s online market intelligence platform.


Big spenders

We identify which organisations within the public sector spent the most on cyber security.


Main suppliers

Our report shows which companies won public sector contracts, as well as their value.


Specialist vs generic

Our report delves into the numbers to see what kind of cyber security services are in demand.


Procurement predictions

We identify the number and value of cyber security contracts expiring for insights into bidding in 2022.

Examining an evolving market

Our detailed analysis sheds light on a market that continues to grow while providing specialist services that create opportunities for companies of all sizes.


Download for an in-depth look at cyber security spending and services in the public sector



Contracts awarded

We examine the total value of contracts awarded to businesses within the space, as well as contracts that are due to expire.


Tech vs non-tech

While cyber security contracts mostly address tech, we also take a look at the non-tech side of these services in the public sector.


Growth over time

Our detailed analysis will provide data on procurement of cyber security over the past few years, including changes to contracts awarded.

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Find out what services are in demand within the public sector, as well as data about the contracts soon to expire.

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