Overseas Suppliers to the UK Public Sector Report

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Are we actually 'buying british' post-Brexit?

Over the past year, there's been plenty of talk about the power of the public purse and 'buying British' to help the local economy.

It's the hallmark of the government's post Brexit vision. But, have they stuck to this plan? 

Analysing over 100 million invoices using our market intelligence platform, our latest report analyses where and with whom the public sector buys overseas.

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Valuable insights from trusted data 

All insights in this report where drawn from our proprietary database of aggregated, cleansed and structured data on UK public sector procurement and spending.


Contracts awarded

We analysed intended spend on specific public sector contracts, with a focus on Covid-19 related contracts.


Spend data

We aggregated governmental spend data from over 100m invoices published by over 700 public sector bodies.


Official sources

All underlying procurement data was aggregated by Tussell under the Open Government Licence.


Company information

We combined our data with company information to match companies to country of origin.

Actionable UK public sector market intelligence

Our report enables you to be more competitive with actionable, meaningful data. After all, having clarity on public sector spending lets your prepare for the next big opportunity for your business.


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Overseas supplier spend

Discover how much the UK has spent on overseas suppliers and what countries earn the most from the UK government.


Departmental spending

Learn which UK government departments spend the most on overseas suppliers.


Impact of the pandemic

Find out how Covid-19 related contracts have been distributed and which countries benefitted.

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