The week in public sector tech: the biggest tenders and awards (14/08)

Extracts from an article by Oscar Williams, news editor for New Statesman Tech.

“This is the latest instalment of a weekly feature analysing the UK’s biggest public sector IT deals. In partnership with data analysis firm Tussell, we drill down into the top ten most valuable tenders and awards from the previous week, and take stock of which tech firms have won the biggest share of the public sector pie." [...]

"Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust has issued a £400m tender for an electronic patient record system. The tender forms part of a nationwide drive by NHS Digital to make the health service paperless by 2020. It’s an ambitious target. Last year, the NHS bought more fax machines than any other organisation in the world. But NHS Digital’s executives are determined to rid hospitals of their dependence on outdated tech, promising that better use of data will grant patients more control over their health, empower their carers, reduce the burden on medics and give rise to new treatments.

The contract lasts a decade, but the tender notice specifies that the trust is looking for the partnership to last for “the next 15 years or more”. Businesses have until 6 August to apply."[...]

"The North of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative has established a new £10m framework for purchasing “patient level information costing systems”. The framework will enable nearly one hundred hospitals across the Midlands and North of England to procure services from an approved list of six suppliers, including Caci, Public Consulting Group, FTI Consulting, FCG Prodacap, Iqvia Solutions and Jeton Systems.”

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