Public sector IT contracts worth £3bn in 2018

Public sector IT contracts worth £3bn in 2018

Posted by Admin on 22-Jan-2019 00:00:00

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Public sector IT is big business in the UK, with £3bn worth of contracts awarded in 2018 alone. With IT services firms so important to the UK public sector,  here at Tussell we've taken an in-depth look at the state of IT procurement in 2018, looking at the top suppliers, buyers and expiring contracts in 2019.


Key findings:
  • The UK public sector awarded £3bn across 3,227 IT contracts in 2018

  • The top 10 IT suppliers won more just under 40% of the total value of IT contracts in 2018 - just under £1.2bn - showing the sector is somewhat dominated by its biggest companies

  • £3.4bn worth of IT contracts are set to expire in the next two years - IT suppliers should already be looking at engaging with these buyers in order to win renewals

2018's £3bn worth of IT contracts is the same as the previous year, though the total number of IT awards declined marginally. However the number of contracts awarded is still considerably higher than it was in 2015, indicating that the public sector is moving towards procuring IT services in smaller packages of work. This is likely a welcome move after the failure of some large, high profile government IT projects.


£1.2bn worth of IT contracts are expiring in 2019. Firms looking for opportunities in IT contract renewals should be focusing their energies on engaging Central Government buyers, who have nearly £1bn in IT contracts expiring this year. Download the full report for the breakdown.


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