Top cyber security suppliers to government


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2018 was the third consecutive year with over £150m of cyber security contracts awarded by the public sector. The £163m awarded in 2018 demonstrates the public sector's maintained focus on the persistent and growing cyber security threats in recent years.

Here at Tussell, we've investigated the dynamics within public sector cyber security procurement, looking at the top suppliers, biggest contracts and where you should be targeting your sales in 2019. Read on for the highlights, or provide your details to get the full report emailed straight to your inbox. 

Key findings:
  • The public sector awarded £163m in cyber security contracts in 2018, slightly down on the previous two years

  • Total number of contracts awarded continues to increase, rising to 279 in 2018

  • The public sector cyber security market is reasonably concentrated, with the top suppliers winning over 70% of the total value of contracts awarded in 2018

  • 347 cyber security contracts worth over £200m are due to expire before the end of 2022, meaning there will be plenty of opportunities to win new business in the coming years


Despite a modest decline in the value of the public sector cyber security market in 2018, the number of contracts awarded continues to rise - the 279 contracts awarded in 2018 represent a 33% increase on the 2016 figure. The East Midlands Strategic Commercial Unit awarded two of the five most lucrative awards including a £27m contract for the provision of a National Management Centre for UK Police Forces.


The top 10 public sector cyber security suppliers won nearly £120m in 2018 - 72% of the total value of contracts awarded. However, this only represented 13% of total volume, highlighting the many possibilities for smaller firms within the cyber security sector.

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