Plastic plates and cutlery to be banned from sale

Extracts from an article by Hayley Dixon, special correspondent for The Telegraph.

“Plastic cutlery and plates could be banned under plans being considered by the Government.

In a move that could signal the return to the traditional picnic basket, The Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs are investigating what the environmental and economic impact would be if the items were removed from sale in England.

It comes after the Government announced plans to ban plastic straws, drink stirrers and plastic-stemmed cotton buds earlier this year and is consulting on the introduction of a deposit return scheme for single use drinks containers.”[…]

“In a notice seen by Tussell, a data provider of public procurement information, Defra are now offering a £19,000 contract for research into the "economic, environmental and social impacts of introducing a legislative ban in England" on plastic plates and cutlery.”

Read the full article on The Telegraph website.

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