IT frameworks analysis


Exclusive analysis by Tussell has revealed that IT consulting suppliers are missing out on hundreds of opportunities with the public sector because they aren't listed on some of the most important framework agreements. 

While most IT firms who want to work with the public sector are aware of the big Central Government frameworks - primarily G-CloudDOS - competition for business on these is fierce. But these aren't the only frameworks out there. In fact, over 70 IT consulting frameworks have been created by the UK public sector since 2015. With 13 of these expiring before the end of 2019, winning a place on their renewals would strengthen your pipeline of opportunities.

What does the data show?

  • Number of IT consulting frameworks created since 2015: 72
  • Number of buyers involved: 53
  • Not a single firm is named on more than 16 of these frameworks, leaving hundreds of potential opportunities on the table.

With such a complex patchwork of frameworks that companies need to be listed on to address the whole market, it can be difficult to understand how to target these opportunities with limited resources. 


51% of suppliers only named on G-Cloud/DOS


More than half of IT Consulting suppliers are named only on the G-Cloud or Digital Outcomes & Specialists. While these frameworks are undoubtedly important to winning public sector work, there are around 3,000 suppliers on each, making competition incredibly fierce. Other IT consulting frameworks have an average of 10 suppliers named, making your chances of winning business much better.

Frameworks become increasingly popular


Over 70 IT consulting framework agreements have been created since 2015 by the public sector. 3 frameworks have already been created in 2019, with a potential value of nearly £100m. 

Buyers across the country are creating frameworks


More than 50 buyers have created frameworks since 2015, from all across the country. Buyers in London, Tyne & Wear, West Midlands and Manchester are particular active.

The report shows there are at least 13 public sector IT consulting frameworks expiring before the end of 2019. With frameworks so important to public sector purchasing - and so many suppliers missing out on them - being named on the next iterations is vital. 

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