Finance Friday: Who raised funding this week?

Extracts from an article by Shane Donnelly, journalist at Startups.

"London-based market intelligence start-up Tussell raises £1m seed funding.

Who: Tussell

How much: £1m seed

Who are the investors: Investment came from Lord Young of Graffham, Mike Soutar and Tim Ewington, the co-founders of Shortlist Media; Donal Smith, the co-founder of FinTech firm Credit Benchmark; and Duncan Calam, a partner at Bridgepoint" [...]

"Gus Tugendhat, founder of Tussell, said:

'Tussell fills a crucial gap in the market, providing context and intelligence on public sector procurement, a marketplace worth £144bn in 2017, which nevertheless has not been easy to analyse – until now.'

'Deep insight into this huge and influential marketplace is now available to all buyers and suppliers, helping to make public procurement more open and competitive.'"

Read the full article on the Startups website.

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