This factsheet brings into focus the public sector marketplace in 2019.  
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2019 was a tumultuous year for government contracting in the UK. From Interserve's administration to Seaborne Freight and the heated discussions around NHS outsourcing during the election, it seems that public purchasing has rarely been far from the headlines. 

Despite all of the controversy and political uncertainty, the public sector market grew substantially in 2019 with £93bn worth of contracts awarded, up 17% year-on-year

We explore this huge and growing marketplace in detail, also examining where opportunities could lie in 2020, and how companies can position themselves to best take advantage of these.


The factsheet analyses:

  • Total contracts awarded in 2019
  • The departments awarding the most valuable contracts
  • The suppliers winning the most valuable contracts
  • The split of awards by area of public sector
  • The largest industry sectors
  • Emerging areas of government spend and opportunities in 2020

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