Councils double number of fire safety tenders in wake of Grenfell

Extracts from an article by Mark Whitehead, author at Local Gov.

“The number of councils tendering for fire safety work has shot up in the year since the Grenfell disaster, according to the latest figures.

Local government buyers published twice as many fire safety tenders in the last 12 months compared to the previous year, according to public sector marketplace specialists Tussell.”

Tussell's founder Gus Tugendhat told LocalGov: 'It is heartening to see that Grenfell has prompted long overdue investment in fire safety across the public sector, especially in local government.

'Grenfell was a terrible tragedy but there may be at least one ray of light in that it has prompted local government and the public sector as a whole to look at fire safety that bit more carefully.”

Read the full article on the Local Gov website.

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