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Public Sector Market Report


Everything you need to know about the UK public sector EV Charging market, all in one document.

Get the inside track on what procurement teams and commissioners are buying in a market predicted to be worth £3.3bn by 2030.

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Stay ahead of the competition with data-driven insight into the EV Charging market in the public sector.

As the UK looks to become a Net Zero society, contracting authorities need to ramp up procurement of EV Charging infrastructure.

How can suppliers make the most of this growing demand?

It starts with having a proper understanding of opportunities and how the market operates, including the dilemmas faced by procurement and commissioning teams.

This report gives you the intelligence you need to get ahead in this multi-billion pound market by providing an understanding of:

  • The scope and size of contract opportunities
  • Who is buying these services and how deals are being structured
  • Contract values and estimated unit prices for different charging technologies
  • Insight into M&A activity
  • The key suppliers and routes to market in this space
  • The specific roles of consultants and advisors
  • How funding is being used, or is yet to be invested

Please note:

This report is a purchasable add-on for new and current subscribers to Tussell's market intelligence platform. To learn more, get in touch with our sales team.


growth in EV Charging contract awards between 2013 to 2023


different EV Charging suppliers have won contracts since 2013


of contract awards for EV Charging forecast by 2030


of all call-off contracts won through five key framework agreements

What's covered in this report?

Market background


Get a data-led overview of the public sector EV Charging market's size, key funding routes, and the technologies currently being bought.

Procurement approach

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Understand how contracting authorities are awarding EV Charging contracts: including how deals are structured, what's typically in-scope, and how much they're usually priced at.


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Learn which suppliers are thriving - and emerging - in this market.

Frameworks & DPSs

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Understand the growing use of framework agreements and Dynamic Purchasing Systems in this sector - including which ones are being used, by which suppliers, and in what regions.

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Harness this report to gain:

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A thorough understanding of the public sector EV charging market

Don't be led by anecdote or rely on search engines - this report provides your team with a data-driven, expansive and impartial overview of the EV Charging market.

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The tools to grow your market presence

Access an exclusive view into the market's largest customers, your competitors' activity, and which routes-to-market you should be leveraging.

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The ability to go to market with confidence

Talk to prospects with confidence: enter sales conversations with a data-backed understanding of the market, position yourself competitively, and utilise the right routes-to-mark to win new work.

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The most comprehensive overview of the EV Charging market

Get ahead of the competition by leveraging the insights in this report.

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